If you're in a serious accident, you could lose your income. That could add financial hardship to your emotional distress. Group AD&D insurance issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America (Prudential)  helps protect against the loss of life or certain bodily injuries resulting from covered accidents. It can be paid for by employers or by employees1.

Benefits to You

  • It's convenient. You can purchase your insurance at work. If your employer does not pay for it, you pay the premiums through easy payroll deductions.

  • It's cost effective. Group rates are often less than the rates you can get on an individual policy.

  • It's additional protection in case of accident. AD&D insurance benefits are paid in addition to life insurance benefits.

  • We have broad definitions of loss. Prudential has extended its coverage to include benefits for paralysis and extra benefits for covered accidents where seat belts or airbags were used.

  • We offer an additional benefit package. Depending on your policy, examples of these benefits include Spouse or Child Tuition Reimbursement, Day Care Expense, Loss Due to Coma, and Loss Due to Felonious Assault. Please note that not all benefits within this package are available in all states. An incremental charge for these benefits is reflected in the premium.

  • We can offer AD&D coverage for your spouse and children. Prudential's Group AD&D insurance can help protect your entire family.

Limitations and Exclusions
Certain limitations and exclusions may apply. Please consult your Booklet-Certificate for details.