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What every American should know about Disability Insurance

It’s always a great time to start conversations about how a disability can affect employees’ financial wellness.

Disability insurance provides income protection for employees if they become too sick or injured to work.

Did you know that…

  • 66% live paycheck to paycheck.Jump to citation 1
  • 57% of working adults report having no private disability insurance, but one-third would consider it if they knew more about it.Jump to citation 2
  • 79% view their employers as a trustworthy source to help them grow and protect their money.Jump to citation 3

Prudential is a proud member company of the Council for Disability Awareness.Opens in a new tab

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Controlling the Uncontrollable

Learn about how Return to Work Programs can help reduce costs and boost productivity.

Return to Work and
Absence Trends

Read about the increasing prevalence of outsourcing and partnerships to achieve results.

Financial Wellness:
The Next Frontier in Wellness Programs

Read about the key financial risks employees face during their working years.

How Much Coverage
Do I Need?

See how the loss of your regular income would impact your financial wellness with the Disability Insurance Needs Estimator.

Find My PDQ

Find out your chances of disability using the Personal Disability Quotient (PDQ) tool.

What Could I Use?

Find out what’s at stake using the Earnable Income Quotient (EIQ) tool.

Disability Market

Read about key trends in the absence and disability industry.

The Importance of
Income Protection

Watch this presentation to learn how disability insurance can help protect your paycheck.

Learn More About
Disability Insurance

Watch this presentation to learn more about Disability Insurance.

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